Lesson Plans

*Lesson Plans for Randi Andrews: Kindergarten*

Date: October 23rd October 27th 2017.  


*8:00-8:30 Breakfast- In Cafeteria: Duty: (Yes or No):  Children will come in and put backpacks outside of the room and walk down to the cafeteria.


*8:30-8:50: Unpack Binders/ Calendar- Ask children to come to the rug and we will discuss: calendar, seasons, weather, counting, colors, time, money, grouping, patterning, and shapes followed by flag salute and moment of silence.

Reading/Storytime:   Pumpkins    *Reading Skill: Review setting


*Sight Words: with, not, can

*Phonics: (Papers are in 3 drawer container in my 1st window sill)

** Start building Stamina for daily five


*Every other Monday we go to library from 8:45-9:05- Library week: (Yes or No)


*8:50-9:30: Daily Five/Small Group Work: *(Please see small group weekly planner attached to plans for breakdown of what we will do each day!)

  • Building reading stamina

9:30-10:15: Block Class- (music, art, P.E.)

10:15-10:50: Continue daily five and literacy

*10:50-11:10: Morning recess- (Duty: Yes or No)  

11:15-11:40: Math: Envision (papers in my 3 drawer container in my 1st window sill, marked with each day of the week) *Comparing numbers unit 4

Monday: Lesson 4.1: Matching sets of numerals   

Tuesday: Lesson 4.2: Compare sets

Wednesday: Lesson 4.3: Pair sets one to one

Thursday: Lesson 4.4: One more

Friday: Lesson 4.5: One less


*11:45-12:10- Lunch (Duty: Yes or No)

*12:15-12:35: 2nd Recess (Duty: Yes or No)

*12:35-1:10: Rest Time

*1:10-1:45 Centers: The children will be placed in color groups (each group will have no more than 4 children; computers only 2).  The children will be in 1 center a day and will rotate until all centers are completed within the week. On Fridays if students have been good all week for me, they can have free choice Friday and chose wherever they would like to go.

*Dramatic play: Children will pretend to play house and store

*Computers: Children will be working on learning games that are age appropriate.

*Reading/Listening: Reading and listening to books

*Math games/Manipulative: Children will be playing with different math manipulatives

*Arts/Crafts: Students will be working and playing with playdough

*Wooden Blocks/Lego table:  Children will be encouraged to build different items with blocks and legos.

* I pads: Students can take an Ipad to the rug quietly and choose a learning game on there.  They must wear their head phones.


*1:45-2:00: Clean up Centers and pack backpacks


*2:00-2:20: Afternoon Recess (Duty: Yes or No) on the weeks I have duty I have Mondays off only.  I have duty the rest of the week

*2:20-2:55:  Come in and one child from each table may pick a brain box to play with

*2:55-3:10- Eat snack and watch channel 97

3:10-3:20- Pack Backpacks

3:25- Car Riders dismissed to cafeteria

*3:30- Send inside pick-ups down to Mrs. Moman’s P.E. room

  *3:40 Walk bus riders out the K side door.  Wait for all buses to line up and walk children to their buses.